Lying in the Borough of Charnwood, in the county of Leicestershire, Loughborough  is a large market town that is a prominent high-technology centre for the East Midlands

It has a large University which is renowned for its sport and engineering worldwide; it also has a train station on the Midland Main line to London St Pancras, offering just under a 2hr commute into the capital. Businesses in the town include Brush Engineering, Preci-Spark, Thermo-Fisher & 3M.

Pharmaceutical companies and heavy Engineering companies were the norm 5-10 years ago, but there have been recent relocation and reorganisations of the business resulting in redundancies over the last 5 years. The biggest employer is now the University.

As well as Loughborough University the town has a Further and Higher Education College, offering evening classes and vocational courses in a range of subject areas, including catering, sport, automotive engineering etc.  There is also an RNIB College located on the Loughborough College campus.
The town is also close to some beautiful countryside. Charnwood gets its name from the rocky Charnwood Forest to the west, now being replanted as the heart of the new National Forest. It contains some of the oldest rocks and fossils in Britain. In the centre of the area is the broad flat plain of the River Soar and to the east are the rounded rolling hills of the Leicestershire Wolds – with some of England’s loveliest and most unspoilt villages. Close by is Bradgate Park (dating from at least 1240) with its roaming herds of red and fallow deer. The Park will be forever associated with England’s ‘Queen for Nine Days’, the Lady Jane Grey, who lost her crown and her head to Mary Tudor, eldest daughter of Henry VIII.

Loughborough is also the starting point for the Great Central Railway, the only mainline preservation railway company in the UK.

There are several junior and infant schools located across the town and Two High Schools (11-14yrs); One Community College (Sports Academy); One RC Science College 11- 18 years.  The Loughborough Endowed Schools – Boys’ Grammar; Girls’ High School & Co-ed Fairfield (juniors).  There is also Our Ladies Convent School for girls (11 -18).

The Loughborough Endowed Schools recently appointed their first Methodist Minister to the position of Chaplain