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Circuit Preaching Plan
To download a copy of the current quarter’s preaching plan, please click on the link below:

Circuit Preaching Plan March April May 2016

Circuit Preaching Plan June July August 2016

Circuit Preaching Plan Sept Oct Nov 2016



Circuit Preaching Plan June July August 2017

Circuit Preaching Plan Sept Oct Nov 2017



The Circuit is situated in the triangle formed by the cities of Leicester, Nottingham and Derby and is the most northerly circuit in the Northampton District.

There are 10 active churches in the circuit and they are all within easy reach of one another.

We have recently been led by our Circuit Churches to a Team Ministry model which came into operation in September 2011. We also recently undertook a trial using Lay Pastors in three of the Churches, and hope to develop this form of complementary ministry over the coming months and years across the Circuit.


The Circuit currently has a Superintendent Minister, along with two Presbyters.   The staff are also served by an administrator.