Reside is a fresh expression of church that contributes to community, builds relationships and explores and grows Christian faith and discipleship. We are based on the new housing developments to the south of Loughborough town.

We are dependent on God

We trust in God to guide and resource us for the work he has called us to do and are committed to seeking and discerning his will together through prayer.

People matter to God

We believe God loves and values every person as they are and are committed to building authentic and inclusive relationships which offer welcome and love to all.

God is interested in the whole of our lives

We want to help people connect with God in relevant and meaningful ways and are committed to providing opportunities for exploration, learning and worship that meet people where they are.

Everyone has a role to play

We value that God created us with unique gifts to offer.  We are committed to working with others both in and out of the church, encouraging everyone to participate to the full.

Everyone grows

We are excited to see God at work changing people’s lives and are committed to encouraging genuine discipleship through bible-centred teaching, prayer and generous service.

We are called to serve others

We long to see God’s justice and restoration in the world and are committed to putting our faith into action in the community, making it the best place it can be for everyone including the marginalised and disadvantaged.

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What is Fresh Expressions?The term “fresh expression” of Church is one used to describe a developing community who are seeking to be relevant to the context and culture in which they are set. Their intention is to be become Church for those who are currently not part of a Church and those who never have been. For Reside this has meant listening to the community and residents of the estates, contributing to the life of community, building relationships and offering opportunities to engage with the Christian faith and become disciples of Jesus.For more information about the work of Fresh Expression nationally follow this link to their site.