Street Pastors


Street Pastors are there – as the name says – on the streets; a visible, recognizable and trusted presence.  Not preaching or condemning, but  listening, caring and helping where they can. Every Street Pastor is a committed Christian and the training programme ensures that they are fully equipped to handle even the most difficult  situations. Street Pastors is a inter-denominational initiative set up by the Ascension Trust and run by local co-ordinators.  The first project was initiated in London in 2003 as a response to urban problems among young people, particularly gun and knife crime. There are now many Street Pastor projects running over the country in both inner-city and town areas, producing remarkable results – including reductions in crime.

“Street Pastors for me can be pictured as a modern day parable, as in the Good Samaritan, the Church does not want to be the one who walks on by and does nothing.  Street Pastors seek to share the love of Jesus Christ in a real, practical and down-to-earth way” 

Jan Sutton

Loughborough Street Pastors work in partnership with Leicestershire Constabulary and Charnwood Borough Council.


Trinity Methodist Church
Royland Road
Loughborough, LE11 2EH